Solar carport project will help helicopters take flight

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Safran Helicopter Engines USA partners with San Antonio-based company big sun solar Build a solar canopy system at their facility in Grand Prairie, Texas. This solar project offsets the manufacturing company’s energy costs and provides covered parking for its employees.

Credit: Big Sun Solar

Nine solar canopies with more than 1,500 solar panels manufactured in Texas will be built in the parking lot to provide enough power to offset 25% of the facility’s energy consumption.

“We are pleased to be one of the first Saffron sites in the United States to install solar panels at our facility. Reducing our carbon footprint is a key goal for Saffron and this project will Safran Helicopter Engine Comes Close to Aiming to Reduce Carbon Emissions by 30%.2 We will reduce our emissions by 2025,” said Thierry Darien, president and CEO of Safran Helicopter Engines USA.

663kWdirect current The project is expected to generate approximately 989,689 kWh per year using the power of 1,542 solar panels.

“We are proud to work with Saffron to support their low carbon goals. We will also provide covered employee parking with the added benefit of shielding your vehicle from the hot Texas sun. We also love that we chose a solar carport,” said Robert Miggins, CEO of Big Sun Solar.

The Safran Helicopter Engines USA solar project is expected to be completed and operational in September 2023.

News article from Big Sun Solar

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