Solar and storage industry players launch equitable workforce training program

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A new nationwide equitable workforce training program called Building Equity in Solar Training (BEST) has officially launched. This program provides the skills-based training and certification needed for a successful career in the solar, energy storage, and EV charging fields.

BEST is presented by industry players Grid alternativeSolar Energy International (because of), future job and local partners promotion Cook County Community Economic Development Association (CEDA) Illinois. CEO of Utopia Hill ReactivateA joint venture between Lafayette Square and Invenergy, has procured several organizations to bring together BEST and launches the program in Chicago.

BEST provides resources to individuals and communities, works with employers to secure jobs in the industry after training, and makes the renewable energy workforce more reflective of the U.S. demographic. BEST’s goal is not only to create jobs, but to help families start sustainable careers while maintaining wages.

BEST is an outcome-based workforce training program focused on quality and committed to a fairness-focused model. This process involves working with local partners such as Elevate to help underserved or disadvantaged people and individuals in their communities to enroll, complete training, and help families keep their wages. This includes ensuring that you have the support you need to enter the career you want and overcome any obstacles you may face. This support includes services such as paid training, tutoring, mobility assistance, childcare assistance and case management. Trainees in this program include women, members of the BIPOC community, law enforcement officials, and individuals from the energy transition community.

The curriculum was designed and produced in collaboration with experienced solar curriculum facilitators GRID, SEI, and Jobs for the Future. BEST offers North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) Installer Certification, OSHA 30, First Aid/CPR, operator training, general building trades training, and content customized to meet both professional and target population needs. (For example, native Spanish speakers). The curriculum also emphasizes essential skills such as leadership development, problem solving, teamwork and high work ethic. This program utilizes a combination of classroom training and hands-on training approaches. Reactivate believes it is important to ensure that trainees are ready to enter the solar workforce when they graduate from the program.

The first cohort of Chicago individuals will enter the 16-week program in February 2023 and will graduate in June 2023. A new hands-on training lab, sponsored by Reactivate, has been built at his CEDA facility, allowing trainees to apply their skills in an optimized environment. For hands-on learning. During the program, the trainee will have the opportunity to meet with multiple employers, including those working on her Reactivate portfolio of community solar projects in the Chicagoland area.

“We all understand the importance of transitioning to renewable energy to meet climate goals,” said Utopia Hill, CEO of Reactivate. The CEDA, Elevate, GRID, SEI, and Jobs for the Future teams have all partnered with Reactivate on this mission and are determined to ensure the long-term success of our trainees. A direct means of achieving Reactivate’s goal of facilitating workforce training for 2,500 underserved workers by 2030, and expanding the program to new markets across the United States. I look forward to

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