New commercial solar array powers multiple R&D companies in California

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H&S Properties, a commercial real estate (CRE) company, has commissioned a 623 kW rooftop and carport solar installation at its research and development (R&D) facility in Redwood City, California. SolarEdge’s DC optimization technology was selected for a project to maximize energy production and profitability for H&S, which stores energy for tenant use. The installation, currently in operation, is expected to meet approximately 78% of the building’s total energy needs.

The building’s tenants consist of four research and development (R&D) companies working on projects ranging from DNA research to developing solar windows. H&S Properties will sell energy produced on-site to its tenants at approximately 10% less than the price of grid-provided electricity, an opportunity to generate significant savings as energy prices rise. increase.

“Solar power represents a huge opportunity for CRE owners to significantly increase the value of their properties and make them even more attractive to potential tenants,” said Robert Hymes, chief development officer at installer MYNT Systems. To tell. “For building owners, the number one problem that keeps them up at night is the thought of vacant properties. It’s tempting, and in fact we’ve found that some companies are now mandating solar installations in the buildings they occupy.The good news is that these buildings usually have large We have an empty roof, and with SolarEdge technology, we turn that empty space into what is effectively a passive, high-value tenant for the building owner.”

The solar power installation includes bifacial solar modules upgraded to smart modules with SolarEdge Power Optimizer, two SolarEdge DC optimized inverters, and batteries.

“Solar power is not just a technology that reduces utility costs, it actually presents an opportunity for CRE to increase the value of their buildings. , we tend to talk about the impact of solar on rental prices and tenant retention.Our clients are not solar experts, but they understand these metrics very well.Speaking the language of the industry “So we can communicate the benefits of solar power to a wider audience,” said Hymes.

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