Fronius Symo Advanced inverters now rapid-shutdown-compliant with PanelClaw, IronRidge mounting

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Fronius Symo Advanced inverters, typically used in commercial environments, are currently UL3741 certified For use with PanelClaw and IronRidge mounting systems.

UL 3741 is the solution to the NEC 690.12 requirement for module-level rapid shutdown in solar systems. UL certification confirms that solar systems using an approved inverter and mounting system combination comply with the no-necessary and rapid shutdown regulations. Module level shutdown device.

Fronius Symo Advanced inverters are approved to comply with NEC 690.12 for the following mounting systems:

  • clawFR 5° (Panel Claw)
  • clawFR 10° (Panel Claw)
  • Dual tilt flat roof (PanelClaw)
  • BX ballast system (IronRidge)

Symo Advanced string inverters are UL 3741 certified for use in PanelClaw and IronRidge rack systems when the inverter is installed within a 1-foot array perimeter.

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