ForeFront Power completes first phase of solar project for Bakersfield, California

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forefront power has completed Phase 1 of its planned citywide solar project in Bakersfield, California. This first phase consists of a 2 MW solar portfolio deployed across five sites. bakersfield Police Headquarters parking lot, The Park at River Walk parking lot, City Corporation Yards parking lot, Mesa Marine Sports Complex parking lot. With an annual capacity of 3.4 million kWh, Phase 1 alone is expected to save the city and taxpayers nearly as much. $9 million Electric bill for 20 years.

“We applaud city ​​of bakersfield ForeFront Power’s CEO said: Michael Smith“ForFront Power handles all aspects of solar energy solutions for our public sector partners, including: bakersfieldWe want to offer local governments an alternative to expensive and unpredictable energy consumption with guaranteed performance and low cost from solar power. ”

Cities have a high demand for energy and the demand is increasing year by year. Tolls are also rising, and city officials have been looking at energy efficiency projects in recent years to reduce reliance on costly energy from PG&E. This project will significantly reduce the cost of energy. bakersfieldfreeing up valuable General Fund dollars for other city council priorities.

Also, at this stage of the project, local people now make up 80% of the labor used to build the infrastructure. bakersfield and Kern County.

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