Duke Energy seeks 4-GW expansion on renewable energy program

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duke energy proposed an expansion of the Green Source Advantage (GSA) program. This allows customers to supplement their electricity usage with 100% renewable power and combine renewable projects with energy storage. Details of the GSA Choice Program can be found in filings with the North Carolina Public Utilities Commission.

A solar installer wearing a helmet, sunglasses, and a HD vest leans against a row of installed solar panels.

Credit: Duke Energy

said Lon Huber, senior vice president of pricing and customer solutions at Duke Energy. “Duke Energy is proud to offer these customers a wide range of options, including the ability to increase their hourly use with carbon-free energy as one of the nation’s first time-aligned clean energy programs. .”

Duke Energy’s GSA program launched in 2017 and serves customers such as Charlotte, North Carolina, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, and Duke University. The proposal has just been submitted to his NCUC and there is no timeline for deliberation yet.

If passed, up to 4 GW of new development will be available under the GSA Choice program. This is more than ten times the current capacity. It provides customers with a constant clean energy path and can help large customers offset their power purchases by securing renewable energy from Duke Energy Grid-connected projects. Customers can count renewable energy generated to meet their sustainability goals.

Among the changes to the program:

  • Customers can contract up to 100% of their energy usage. Previously, the program details allowed only about 30% of total energy usage.
  • Customers can work directly with Duke Energy or independent developers on long-term renewable energy purchases.
  • Customers can also combine energy storage with their projects. This allows you to match your renewable energy production to your energy load.
  • Duke Energy is also proposing a new 10-year avoided cost billing credit option in addition to its existing hourly, 2-year and 5-year options.

Impact of clean energy

Duke also offers Clean Energy, a program for customers who want to charge a certain percentage of renewable energy through the purchase of environmental attributes to support corporate sustainability goals, or for residential customers who want to support the local renewable energy industry. We are proposing an energy impact.

The program features local renewable energy certificates and monthly contracts with no long-term contracts. Clean Energy Impact is designed for renters or customers who cannot or are not considering installing solar.

“We continue to fine-tune our renewable energy options for all our customers and are considering programs such as community solar in the future. You will be able to subscribe directly to ,” Hoover said.

Announcement from Duke Energy

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