Decom Solar donates components from decommissioned solar project to Haiti community

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decom solarPhotovoltaic decommissioning service provider has completed the decommissioning of a 661.96 kW rooftop system for Seyon Management, a property management company. A solar installation above a warehouse in Watertown, Massachusetts, had to be removed to facilitate building renovations. The main construction phase took him three weeks, and all vital equipment was reused through resale and donation.

Credit: Dekom Solar

“We are delighted to work with a client who shares our dedication to sustainability. Seyon Management recognized the importance of keeping functional solar equipment operational,” said co-founder of Decom Solar. Jerry D’Arco, author, said:

Decom Solar partnered with the non-profit Let’s Share the Sun Foundation to donate part of the equipment. It will provide clean energy to the Santa Chiara Children’s Center in the Cité Soleil commune in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

Let’s Share the Sun coordinates the delivery and installation of equipment in Haiti to overcome challenges caused by the unstable political climate.

Let’s Share the Sun co-founder Bill Jordan said:

It is estimated that keeping the equipment running will offset enough energy to power 154 homes per year. To advance our environmental efforts, Decom Solar has partnered with One Tree Planted, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization focused on reforestation around the world. For this project, Decom Solar donated his 1,976 trees to be planted on behalf of Seyon Management.

“Decom Solar has proven to be the perfect partner for us.

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