Community solar developer BlueWave acquired by investment firm

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Boston-based solar and energy storage developer and certified B Corp BlueWave and infrastructure investment management firm Axium Infrastructure have announced that an Axium-managed fund has acquired BlueWave. .. Under the terms of the acquisition, BlueWave will maintain its name and the entire team as the company focuses on the growth of its solar energy and storage development portfolio.

Axium’s values ​​aim to integrate Environmental and Social Governance (ESG) at the heart of the project’s development and management process, along with BlueWave’s mission to transform access to renewable energy through a responsible development philosophy. I am doing it. Axium promises to generate clean energy while paying attention to BlueWave’s industry-leading efforts in community solar energy development and the conservation of land and the protection of neighboring ecosystems. We are proud to be able to support your practice. Axium has several other asset-based investments in the renewable energy sector, which marks the acquisition of Axium’s first renewable development company.

The acquisition presents an opportunity for BlueWave to evolve its business model and build, own and manage projects within its development portfolio, as well as develop, based on its belief in the long-term value of community-scale solar. increase. With this, BlueWave will build a team to support continued corporate growth, focusing on recruitment to support the transition to long-term asset ownership. The acquisition also gives BlueWave financial security to survive the development market and continue to pursue innovative development tools.

“This acquisition marks a crucial new time in BlueWave’s history. Finding like-minded owners who share our mission to revolutionize and scale renewable energy is me. It was very important to us, and our partner is definitely Axium, “said Trevor Hardy, CEO of Blue Wave. “Axium ownership is tremendous, with the aim of owning and managing development assets and pioneering renewable energy dual-use solar development, storage development, and accessibility for low- and middle-income communities. Enables growth opportunities. “

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